For all your accountability needs!

The Business Buddy System™


Let’s face it. We all sign up for courses we don’t finish, have projects that never meet their due dates and goals that are never reached.


The good thing is those issues can be a thing of the past!

All the business ‘gurus’ out there all talk about accountability being the thing that helped them achieve their goals. But if you’ve ever tried to get a buddy to help keep you accountable, they usually drop off the wayside pretty quick, leaving you high and dry with your goals.

So what’s the solution?

The Business Buddy System™!

Depending on your needs, we’ll talk on a regular basis about your goals, the next steps to achieve them and any mindset issues you might have around making them happen.

And since this isn’t a free program, you WILL achieve your goals because I’m going to help you do it! And I’m going to be dogged about help you too, but in such a way that you’ll look forward to our calls instead of dreading them.

We all know that when you invest in yourself, you achieve your projects and goals much faster. So let me help you start living your dream life with the accountability you need!


Included in each month: Depending on the level of accountability you’ve chosen, we’ll have weekly or monthly calls, along with email follow ups, recordings of our session and a recap of your weekly/monthly goals to help you stay on task. And for those that want super-accountability, you even get Voxer support so you can get an immediate response during business hours!

To sign up for the Business Buddy System™, book a free consult here. During our 30 minute call, we’ll discuss what your goals are, how to achieve them and whether the Business Buddy System™ is right for you.