Programs & Courses

Marketing Is Not Selling offers several programs and courses for small business owners just like you. We’ll teach you marketing, accounting, systems, human resources and more. With over 15 years of experience in working with small business owners across more than 40 industries, we can help you maximize your time and energy while making you more profitable.

Cover Your Assets

Cover Your Assets Logo

Our Signature Program featuring 8 weeks of getting your business and personal lives covered and protected from lawsuits, audits and more. We’ll help you start thinking like a real business owner and not some hobbyist. Because if your business isn’t making a profit, it’s not a business.


Using Quickbooks desktop? Then this is the mini-course for you. We’ll take you through setup to daily use with only 60 minutes of instruction. We’ll teach you the proper way to set up your Chart of Accounts, daily transaction recording, automated banking and more.


For those that use international currency, Xero is the standard. Learn how to setup and use Xero in 60 minutes of instruction that will help you get using it the RIGHT way.

Marketing Master Plan

Marketing Is Not Selling Marketing Playbook Logo100% Customized. 100% You. In our Marketing Master Plan, we’ll work with you on designing the perfect marketing plan. No cutting corners, no cobbling together bullshit from the deepest part of the internet.


For those that choose to use Wave as their accounting software, we have the ultimate mini-course. We’ll take you through setup to daily use, adding employees, automated banking, client invoicing and more. 60 minutes of instruction will get you up and running with Wave in no time.


If you’re looking for something more robust than Wave, but with the ease of Quickbooks Online, the Freshbooks is for you. Learn how to setup and use Freshbooks in 60 minutes of instruction, getting your bookkeeping and accounting organized in no time.