DIYB – Do Your Own Books Membership

If you don’t have the cash flow to hire a bookkeeper, or can’t afford your accountant’s hourly rate just to get a half-assed answer that you don’t understand, then you’ll LOVE our monthly accounting membership.


Included in each month: access to an accountant who will actually research IRS and state regulations for you, help you hire bookkeepers, and help you with the tech side of software.


Want to see how you can deduct that car purchase before you buy? Become a member.


Want to see what corporate structure is best for your business idea? Become a member.


Was to see how Tax Reform 2018 is going to affect your business? Become a member.


Need some help hiring a qualified bookkeeper? Become a member.


Need help setting up that software for your first employee? Become a member.


Each month includes articles that can shed some light on what’s happening today in the fiscal world, as well as 2-8 hours of research or assistance in your area of need, depending on level selected.


We’ll help you bust through the myths of the accounting world, making it easy for you to maintain your own books while getting professional assistance.


So why wait? Get your questions answered and UNDERSTAND those answers! No more half-answers from too-busy accountants that won’t take the time to understand your business.