Sure, we live in a digital age. So we don’t need paper right? You couldn’t be more wrong.

Digital copies of invoices, forms, receipts and more is handy if you have a ton of clutter. But when it comes to self-improvement, planning/organizing and goals, you better believe that a paper version will do you so much better.

I used to keep a digital calendar only. I still use it for quick reference, but I plan my week, my goals and notes out in a paper planner first. Why? Because it helps my memory.

In this day and age, we have short attention spans thanks to TV and the internet, which means that we’re not remembering things as long. Facts, figures, statistics, quotes – even our daily schedules get screwed up and we can’t remember them. That also applies to the whole Outta Sight, Outta Mind concept. What isn’t in front of our faces at that very moment isn’t going to be remembered.

My grandfather told me back in the 80’s, If you hear it – you’ll forget it. If you watch it – you might remember it. If you do it, then you’ve really learned it. How true it really is. By entering in my information twice (1x on Paper, 1x in digital), I’ve actually remembered a whole lot more, and my memory is pretty good to begin with.

So I switched back to a paper planner. And let me tell you – I LOVE IT! 

Over the past 2 years, once I decided to switch, I tried out a lot of different planners. Now, everyone has their own version of what they would like to use, and I’m certainly no different. I looked through Office Depot, Staples, Amazon and many more until I settled on the Commit30 planner.

This planner not only has the weekly/monthly space I want, it has room for to-do’s, goals I want to reach, reflection on why I did/didn’t make my monthly goals, a pocket for small items and it’s small enough that it fits in my purse and laptop bag. But not so tiny that I can’t write in it and actually read my writing. The planner I went for is 5.5” x 8.5” and about 1” thick. I’m on my second one and I can’t believe how long it took to come up with one that I love.

Commit30 Planner Cover

What I really love about this planner is the fact that there are several spots to write your goals out and commit to doing them in 30 days, with a very easy tracker. Every month you write down your goals and every day that you do them, you check the date off. Most people need between 30-60 days to make daily goals into habits, whether that’s working out at the gym more or remembering to eat breakfast instead of rushing out the door (Guilty!)

Commit30 Planner Monthly Layout

I got my first Commit30 planner from a friend, so I was so excited when I was able to get my new one. And this time I got it in Gold instead of black. Why? Because my goals are golden and I want to be reminded every day that my goals are worth as much as gold.

I’ve included some of the photos from the Commit30 website.  And if you’re interested in trying out the Commit30 planner for yourself, click here to go to their website.

They do have some free PDF’s too, so you can try out their schtuff first before you ‘Commit’!

  • 30 Days of Gratitude
  • Fall Bucket List
  • December 2016 Planner Pages
  • 30 Day Challenge Tracking Tool
  • Weekly Meal Planning PDF

So what’s on the inside?

  • Yearly Goals & Vision Pages (What do you want to do this year?)
  • 2016 – 2019 Calendar Overview Section
  • Monthly Calendars with mini monthly planning section for looking ahead.
  • Monthly Calendar & Goals Section (one for each month)
  • Commit30 Challenge Tracking Section Each Month
  • Weekly Calendar Layout – 7 days a week plus “Life & Work to do list” sections. Weekly layout has space for meetings, tasks, meal planning, errands, calls to make, exercise tracking & more – totally customizable based upon users needs.  See image below for examples of weekly layout.
  • Highlighted monthly corners for quickly flipping thru to find the month you need
  • Motivational quotes each month
  • Project Planning, Notes & Sketching Section at bottom of each weekly layout & in each month section. (24 pages)
  • Blank Notes section each month and at the end of planner – take notes in meetings; jot ideas (12 pages)
  • Made with a PU faux leather durable cover (no animals were harmed in the making of this planner) with environmentally friendly materials (FSC certified paper stock)
  • 220 pages in a perfect binding that lays flat for easy writing.
  • Page marking ribbon & elastic enclosure band.
  • Back pocket.
  • Super smooth high quality, ink proof paper (100gsm)  thick paper – about twice as thick as a standard sheet of printer paper to limit ink bleeding from fountain pens & permanent markers.
  • SIZE: ~ 5.75″ x 8.125” x .75″  – vertical orientation. A perfect size for at-your-desk or in a meeting – portable but large enough to write down everything you need to do! Weighs ~13oz.

So get your $#!t together and start putting it in a planner. You’ll be grateful you did!
Commit30 Planner Pocket