So here we are. 2018. Scary to think that all of 2017 is already gone.

Did 2017 go as you planned? Why not?

So what are you going to do about it?

Now is the time to look back on 2017 and think about what went right and what went wrong. Today’s my birthday and I’m reflect on the year every 30th. Convenient, I guess.

Did your marketing do what you wanted it to? Did you get the results?

Did your cash flow improve or are you still living month to month?

Are you getting the sort of clients that you want? Who was your favorite and why?

Make a list of what DID go right and let’s focus on that to start with. And get detailed. Really focus on the stuff that worked. Even if it only worked 60%. Because 60% can be improved to 70% or better.

Sometimes, the smallest tweaks can give you huge results.

Even making a New Year’s wish.

I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions. They’re too easy to break.

One of my friends commented a few years ago that he was thinking about opening a gym just in time for New Year’s. He’d keep the place open as a gym for 2-3 weeks, then convert it into a bar for the remainder of the year. Because resolutions are crap.

Instead, what’s one thing that you would wish for 2018? If money were no object. If time didn’t matter. If everything went your way. What’s your New Year’s wish?

Me? Mine is to spend Christmas in Ireland. So to make my wish come true, I’ve started the research to see how much flights cost, what the travel time will be, what documents I need and about how much I really need to budget. Then I add 15% to that cost for fluctuations and surprises, just for good measure. (Like when you see that souvenir that you just HAVE to buy…)

Then I’m going to work backwards to see what I can do to raise that money. For starters, I’ll put a percentage aside from every invoice that I send out to go into the Travel account. That will add up nicely. Then, I can cut a few things from my normal budget. Things like that extra box of cookies. Or a movie that I want to see, but not too sure I want to see it in the theater, but I’d be fine waiting for it to come on Netflix.

Easy things. Things I won’t really miss. Not bills like car payments or rent. Easy little things that I should probably cut out of my life anyways for my own health. Will I miss the cookies? Yeah, just a bit. I love chocolate chip cookies. But that $5-10 that I spend a month on cookies could result in an extra $60-$120 to use on my trip for something really memorable. Like going to Falconry School. Ireland has Europe’s oldest falconry school and I would LOVE to go for a day or two. Is that worth giving up some cookies? In my opinion, that’s a no brainer.

So let me know what your New Year’s Wish is. Then let’s figure out how we can make it happen. All it takes is some little actions that build up over time. They compound faster than your savings account and you’ll see some serious returns.

And now is a good time to consider my Business Commander Strategy Sessions. Where we take back control of your business and make it work on YOUR terms, instead of it running you. I only have a couple of spots left, so let’s set up a time to chat about making 2018 a kick-arse year!