More Fill in the Blank fun here today!

December 30th, I spoke about how New Year’s resolutions and how they’re crap.

Instead, I asked you to think about a New Year’s Wish. Something that you would wish for that you could achieve if money and time were no object.

Today, I want you to expand that a little more and fill in the Blank:

New Year, New ___________________.

What’s something new that you could learn, try, do?

Maybe you finally hire that personal trainer.

Maybe you finally outsource that bookkeeping that you hate.

Maybe you get your taxes caught up from 3 years ago.

Maybe you spend more time with friends and family.

For me, my Fill in the Blank goes like this:

New Year, New Discipline.

For me, that means getting more disciplined about a lot of things. I keep seeing and hearing how these people making more than $10million a year work their days and I want to emulate them a bit to make my life better.

I’ve had a business in some form or another since I was about 14. But I usually had a job as my primary source of income. But then, I did it for forced flexibility. It wasn’t easy being a divorced mom of 2 young boys and the whole 9-5 didn’t give me the flexibility I needed for them.

But now that my boys are just about out of the house, I know that if I want to scale my business into the 7 figure bracket, I need to be better disciplined about making things happen on a schedule.

We’ve all heard how successful people have these crazy schedules. You simply cannot manage that without the proper systems and schedules in place.

Now, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have flexibility. But it does mean that you have to stay organized. It means saying no. It means doing stuff that you don’t always want to do, but you do it anyways because it’s scheduled and it’s just easier to get it done than let it bite you in the a$$. And why am I using dollar signs there? It’s a psychological trick. Because NOT doing it will cost you time and money.

Do the $hit you don’t want to do. Do it anyways and be grateful. Meet and exceed customer’s expectations. Treat employees like family (or better if your family sucks). And most importantly, don’t listen to anyone that tells you that you can’t achieve your goal. If they say you can’t, nod politely, say thank you and move on. Dismiss what they said and go do it anyways.

So what’s your Fill in the Blank for this year? Let me know in the comments!