Change the Plan, but Never the Goal.

Wow. Strong words. And good ones too. What’s your goal? How are you going to reach it?

Finding these words at just the right moment in time is very ironic. I’m coming up on the two year mark since I created Marketing Is Not Selling.

And I’ve scrapped my plans. Twice!

Literally started over. Scrapped the website. Scrapped the course. Scrapped a lot of things.

But it’s all been worth it.

Because I get to see the faces of my clients when 3, 6, 9 months later, their business has grown to the point where they need employees. Or a bigger office. Bigger filing cabinets. Better production facilities. And more.

How did I do it? By cutting back. Not putting up with second best. Not putting up with crap in general. People don’t work well together? If either one can’t put aside their differences and work toward the goal, then fine. Don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out. Don’t need that sort of stress when you’re trying to build something big.

Plans have to be flexible. You have to keep that end goal in sight. Want 100 new customers? Then don’t settle on FB ads if they’re not working for you.

Want more time off? Raise your prices and attract the kind of customer who’s willing to pay higher prices.

Don’t be stuck in one groove – that’s how businesses die.

That almost happened to Apple. Don’t be Apple in the 90’s before the iPod and iPhone came out. Be Apple when they came roaring back.

If your plans are inflexible, your business will die. It’s inevitable, like death and taxes. And taxes can be negotiated!

Today’s action item: Look at your goals. Cut out the ones that no longer serve you. Then look at your plans to reach those goals. Come up with several paths to reach that goal so you can switch gears when you need to.