So last week’s Motivational Monday was about changing your plans if they aren’t working for you, but keeping the goal.

This week we’re talking about Spring Cleaning.

You see, this time of year, in April, is when we start thinking about all the cleaning needs to be done. This can be and not on their personal lives but also in our businesses as well.

In spring cleaning often brings stress as well. And a lot of it.

So for today’s Motivational Monday, and bringing you a reminder to take a step back, go outside, take a deep breath and relax a little bit.

There is always going to be stuff that has to be done, no matter where you are, where you live, or who you work for. But one of the lessons that each of us must learn, is to take a break and relax in order to quiet our minds and to be more productive when we are focused on our work and on our families.

And when we take a little bit of time to relax, it makes it easier for us to get work done. If you learn how to take breaks, even the most insurmountable task can be viewed in a new light and accomplished much faster.


Action item for this week: instead of skipping your lunch break, take 15 minutes and go walk around outside. Enjoy the sun, enjoy getting away from your desk, enjoy getting away from your coworkers, and just enjoy the outdoors. Even 15 minutes can make a significant improvement in your productivity and in your happiness.