Since the family and I have moved to a new town, it’s forced me to think about where my business is going and what I want to be offering. In once sense it’s not quite starting over, but in another, it really is.

The economic viability of my certainly doesn’t rival larges cities, like Tampa Bay (where we moved from), but it has it’s own unique charm, elegance and friendliness. I love it here – truly I do – and I am so grateful that we found our dream home and were able to make the move up here.

So having to refine what I’m offering is what I’m focusing on this week. Fritz had said something a couple of weeks ago that really made me start thinking about what Marketing Is Not Selling is all about. He told me that he wished there was a way that I could bottle up all my ideas and assistance and sell it. And so I am. I’m simply going to move what I did on-site in Tampa Bay to the online world.

It’s called the Business Commander Strategy Sessions.

See, I used to do this all the time in-person and on-site when living in Tampa Bay. I would work with small business owners just like you in a lot of different aspects of their businesses. I loved doing that so I’m going to do it again. But this time, thanks to technology, I can help people from more than just the Tampa Bay area. I already had worked with a couple of international clients, but now I’m really excited about helping more people around the world and helping MORE.

That means I’m giving a discount on these sessions so I can refine my systems, tech and procedures. But there’s no slacking in the quality and results from what I always deliver. These aren’t your usual ‘coaching’ sessions. These session are chock-full of useful tidbits, from psychology to actions to research and everything in between. You’re getting someone who cares about your business almost as much as you do. And when I say almost – it’s only because you will ALWAYS be the one that cares the most. But I run a close second….

My sessions are 1:1 remote and cover everything you need in your business. We can talk SEO, launch strategy, finding your customers, working on cash flow, hiring employees/contractors, finding new products/services and so much more. I’m like a business coach – but better! No group sessions – only 1:1 and I’m limiting those to 10 people for the next 6 months. (and 2 slots are already gone!)

I do require a 6 month commitment for these sessions so you will see REAL progress – it’s hard to do that with single sessions or when you’re only committed for 3 months. What do you get in return? 1:1 strategy, mindset and support. Email support all month long – send me anything! You also get (2) 60 minute calls during the month. Investment? $2k. And I’m offering payment plans to make it easier for cash flow.

So if you’ve ever wanted someone to help you in your business that actually cares about your business as much as you do, now is the time to set up a free 30 minute consultation. (I want to be sure we’re a good fit and that I can help you reach the next level.) And the best part about the free session? We spend 30 minutes on YOU. Not 10 minutes on your questions and me trying to sell you for 20 minutes. 30 full minutes on YOUR questions.

Book it now before they’re all gone!