Do you have your a$$ets covered?

You've started your business - What do you do to protect it?

Protect your personal and business a$$ets

You've started your business. It's going well, then....

All of a sudden -

You get hit with a lawsuit.

You get a notice that you're being audited.

You hit someone with that 'company car'.

Your employee hurts themselves on the job.

~ Or something else that can take that dream away from you in an instant.

All because you didn't have your A$$ETS covered.

CoverYourA$$ets will not only show you how to make sure they're protected, but help you with resources on how to make it happen.

CoverYourA$$ets will open January 31, 2018. And you can only sign up for the course if you're on the list!

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What's covered in the course:

  • Accounts & Attorneys
  • Corporate Structure
  • Taxes, Licenses & Government Crap
  • Dealing with Audits
  • Dealing with Lawsuits
  • Hiring/Firing Employees
  • Keeping the Documents Organized
  • Legal Jargon You Need to Have
  • Dealing with 'Selective' Customers
  • And more!

2 levels will be available. Here's what's included:

  • Wannabe In Business - includes the Course and all Handouts. Work on it in your own time. You have lifetime access to this course.
  • Real Business Owner - includes the Course, Handouts, Group Calls, Private FB Group and some surprise bonuses! You'll have lifetime access to this course and real support, making sure Your Assets are Covered!

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