Get 5 Hours a Week Back

By Putting Your Bookkeeping on Auto-Pilot


Learn FreshBooks in 60 minutes of instruction.

Simple. Straightforward. Easy to use. Easy to Understand.

That is what 1HourFreshBooksis all about.

You know you have to keep your business finances straight. You know that you're wasting time every week because you don't really understand how to do the bookkeeping. You just wish there was an easier way to handle your business finances.


With our 1HourFreshBooks course, we'll show you step by step how to set up Freshbooks, one of the better solutions for online bookkeeping.

In 1 hour's worth of instruction, you'll not only understand the bookkeeping process more, but The Boss and I will show you exactly how to setup your categories to streamline the process of your bookkeeping, saving you hours every week.

And since we teach it from the Business Owner's point of view, you won't be bored with a bunch of accounting terms that you don't understand.

It's Simple.

It's Straightforward.

It's Step-by-Step.

It's Easy to Understand.

Seriously. We designed this course so that you could watch the very short videos and then go do it yourself in your own business. We'll show you exactly which steps to set up first, streamlining the process even faster so you don't have to go back and fix things.

1HourFreshBooks opens soon, so get on the list to be notified! Only those that get on the list will be able to purchase the course!

This course covers:

  • Setting up your File
  • Getting your documents organized
  • Keeping track of receipts
  • Setting up Customers & Vendors
  • Connecting Bank Accounts for automation
  • Paying & Recording Bills
  • Invoicing & Receiving Payments
  • Inventory Management
  • and more!

So get on the list so you can get your bookkeeping on track for a kick-butt 2018!

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