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We are rebels. We stand out against the status quo. Our mission: to make a serious difference in the world of business, especially for small business owners around the world.

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Business is multi-faceted. So are our skills.



Guiding small business owners in the world of accounting and finance. We’ll teach you how to love your business and all the numbers that go with it.


Not your standard boring and feel-good coaching service. 100% customized and geared for success in YOUR business. No templates or bullshitting here.


Comprehensive plans and strategies combined with our other skills means that you and your customers are going to fall in love together.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

No two businesses are alike, so stop comparing yourself to others.

You are different. In every way. 

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Why we are different

Our no-bullshit attitude combined with a serious German-efficient work ethic means that you're going to get the service you deserve. Hands-down. We treat each and every single client's project as if it were for us, so that means it's going to be done right. By people who actually care about your success. Our projects are completed by professionals - not an intern that just wants their Pilates as an employee perk.

We will also have you laughing alongside us as we inject some very corny humor into everything we do. Because you gotta have some fun!  🙂